Do you have the time to develop a pipeline of new opportunities?

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There usually comes a time during the life cycle of any business that assistance from an outside advisor is required; whether to introduce new skills and ideas that challenge current processes or to design new ways of going about the “business of selling”.             

Lead Generation Services
• Sales Coaching
• Sales Strategies
• Interim Sales/ Cold Calling / Sales Mgt

For small business owners and entrepreneurs trying to get to the next level.

 A Different Approach

At FRONTLINE Sales Advisors we build organic relationships with our clients to ensure custom solutions are developed without sacrificing the personality of their businesses. We learn as much as we can about current sales strategies and processes before recommending or proposing ideas and changes. We want to understand what’s going on with the business, so we can identify “selling problems” that need to be solved.

Whether you’re a brand-new company just starting up, or a small business that is having difficulties growing, you may need some outside sales expertise that will help guide your business. FRONTLINE Sales Advisors provides assistance that can take many forms, from developing new sales approaches that can drive more leads to building a new email campaign or improving social media presence. Our goal is to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the assistance they need to help them grow.


 We help your business grow

Lead Generation

Pipeline Development

Strategies to ID & Grow Market

Plan, create & track email campaign

Design an elevator pitch

Create- features/benefit terminology

Work as Part-Time sales team

Help Coach sales reps

SEO marketing assistance

Provide creative content for website



 Sales Advisors

• How can I grow my business when I have limited time to dedicate to finding new customers is a question that is asked by every business owner, whether they’re a start-up or an ongoing and established small or medium-sized company?


• Are we doing an effective job prospecting and do we have a pipeline of new opportunities?


• Is the messaging on target or do we need a different type of sales campaign?



Growing a business enterprise, of any type, can be extremely rewarding and stressful at the same time. If you are a business owner that has too much to focus on and finding new business often takes a backseat to the other “more important” issues, it will be worth your time to schedule an initial no-obligation meeting.



“Rather than hiring for a sales position that may be just part-time, consider retaining a consultant that is an expert in their field.” (Forbes)       


Our Services

At some point in the life of any business, especially a small business, owners will need some outside sales advice. FRONTLINE Sales Advisors can offer any type of business owner dedicated sales help, from consulting on a process to initiating sales campaigns and identifying and closing new business opportunities.


We would like to extend an offer of a no charge, one (1) hour complimentary session designed to brainstorm and discuss any sales areas that you think might benefit from some extra attention.  Simply visit our Contact Us page to let us know you want to schedule a session.


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Sales Strategies 

Growing any size business will always be a challenge, but the owner of a small business or start-up is faced with an endless number of issues from operations to finance, and sometimes being able to allocate time to focus only on selling just doesn’t seem possible. 

In many cases, considerable time and effort can be saved by taking advantage of an outsourced sales strategy.


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Interim Sales & Sales Management

Outsourcing a business process like sales and sales management can allow a small business or start-up owner to focus their efforts on what they do best, like running the company.

We handle:

  • Prospecting and Pipeline Development
  • Managing Sales Activities
  • Sales Analytics


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Sales Coaching

An area that can be overlooked while employing a sales team is providing the necessary sales training and coaching for those employees responsible for meeting and speaking to clients, either directly, during a sales call, or indirectly over the telephone. Key areas of focus can be:

  • Sales Call Review
  • Individualized Coaching
  • Tracking progress
  • Strategy & Goal Setting
  • Develop Sales
  • Pipeline


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Lead Generation Services

For any small business or start-up company, finding new potential customers that are interested in the types of products or services offered can be extremely challenging. Working with a lead generation company that can help identify, qualify and market to new clients can be a cost-effective way for any business owner to increase sales.


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The FRONTLINE Sales Advisors principals are professional sales executives that have considerable experience and have worked in sales, business development and marketing roles for multi-national corporations, small businesses as well as start-ups companies in business equipment, healthcare, information technology, Software as a Service (SaaS), data analytics, financial services, pharmacy and medical imaging.  They have an in-depth knowledge of tactics, the sales process, and have the skills required to help any type of small business owner or start-up entrepreneur learn new sales approaches, generate leads and develop a better sales strategy.